Algess Group is a Swiss private company, one of the activities of which is the trade in aluminum alloys. Algess Group was founded in 2007 by professionals with relevant experience in the metals market. We can offer our customers reliable logistics and high-quality products at competitive prices. Algess Group will accompany you from the first consultation by sending a trial lot to negotiate regular supply agreements in accordance with your procurement plans. Being customer-oriented, having the know-how, we are a strong and reliable partner.

Algess Group is an integrated partner for sales and marketing of the dynamically growing specialized aluminum metallurgical company Limited Liability «AMZ GROUPS», which is located in Central Ukraine. The company was founded in 2010 and specializes in the metallurgical processing of non-ferrous metal scraps for the production of secondary aluminum foundry and deformable alloys, as well as aluminum for the deoxidation of granulated steel and in ingots.